IWSP'14 - Welcome

6th Workshop on ICT Uses in Warfare and the Safeguarding of Peace


Join us at the 6th Workshop on ICT Uses in Warfare and the Safeguarding of Peace in 2014.


Date: ISSA Conference, 13-15 August 2014. The workshop will be held on Thursday 14 August.
Venue: Sandton, South Africa

The workshop is organised by IFIP Working Group 9.10 ICT in Peace and War, University of KwaZulu-Natal, CSIR Defence, Peace, Safety and Security, in partnership with the Information Security South Africa (ISSA) Conference.

Accepted full papers will appear in a section of the ISSA proceedings and IEEEXplore.

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The IWSP’14 follows on five previous workshops: London (2007), Pretoria (2008), Bela-Bela (2010), Johannesburg (2012), and Pretoria (2013). After the success of the previous workshops, the Organising Committee will be joining up with the 5th Information Security South Africa Conference (ISSA 2014) to provide a unique opportunity to interact with key researchers in the field.

The workshop will be hosted by the IFIP Working Group 9.10 ICT Uses in Peace and War, UKZN School of Management, IT and Governance, and CSIR Defence, Peace, Safety and Security’s (DPSS) Command, Control, and Information Warfare (CCIW) competency area.

The IFIP Working Group 9.10 was established in 2013 and aims to focus the efforts of academia and research institutions, industry, governments, civic society, and the military to promote creative thinking in this field and to encourage viable solutions to so-far unanswered questions. This group will encourage dialogue by providing a platform for the presentation of research papers, current research or the result of research in progress, case studies, use cases, lessons learned, and risk assessment/impact assessment. The UKZN School of Management, Information Technology & Governance offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in the disciplines of Marketing; Management and Entrepreneurship; Human Resources and Labour Relations; Supply Chain Management; Information Systems and Technology; and Public Administration. The School conducts a number of innovative research projects in the areas of ICT for Development, Security, ICT in Education, Medical Informatics, eGovernment and Green IT. The CSIR is one of the leading scientific and technology research, development and implementation organisations in Africa. DPSS provides technology, advice and solutions in defence and security.

The field of ICT security and its uses in warfare and the safeguarding of peace are wide and include various technical, legal, managerial, social, operational and even ethical issues. Therefore, the aim of this workshop is to focus the efforts of academia, military, industry and government to promote creative thinking in this field and the promotion of viable solutions to unanswered questions. We are looking for contributions in the form of research papers, case studies, lessons learned, current research or research in progress results.